Information Advice and Guidance Services

It is the policy of Rock House Training that all actual and potential learners will be offered comprehensive high quality information, advice and guidance (IAG) where learner’s needs are at the centre of the process. This will allow learners to make appropriate choices and for Rock House Training to target resources appropriately. Where a learner requires in depth guidance beyond the expertise of Rock House Training they will be signposted/referred to the appropriate organisation.



By information Rock House Training means the initial service provided to all learners,

whether it is specific information about the provision or how to access more in depth help.

In particular:

Detailed accurate and up to date information on specific learning opportunities

Information on other services

Information on access and support



By advice Rock House Training means:

Helping potential/existing learners interpret the information and decide upon the most suitable course of action relating to personal lives, and/or learning at work.

Where it is felt that the learner would benefit from exploring options beyond the expertise of Rock House Training

then they will be referred for specialist services for in depth guidance.



By guidance Rock House Training means:

Assisting and directing potential/existing learners to following through on a decided course of action.

To ensure that potential/existing learners receive high quality Information Advice Guidance the following standards will be followed:


Up to date



Accessible to all


Benefits for Rock House Training

Satisfied learners

Learners who stay the course and successfully complete their Award


Responsibility of Rock House Training

To ensure that all information provided by the centre meets the required standards

To ensure that information is accessible to potential and actual learners

To ensure that those who are responsible for giving information and advice receive appropriate training

Checks out the effectiveness of the service through evaluation and feedback

Acts on identified issues to continuously improve the system

Identifies links with other providers/agencies for relevant signposting