Rock House Training Staff Values

At Rock House Training we pride ourselves on having positive staff values. 

This is demonstrated in the following ways:


We treat people as individuals, maintain privacy and dignity and take the time to do the things that matter. 

This is promoted by being friendly, welcoming and getting to know each other and meeting each others needs


Follow best practice and aim for the highest quality.

 Respond efficiently and promptly to maintain an organised and timely organisation

Welcome constructive feedback as a way to learn and develope

Support others to express concerns

Positive Attitude

We maintain a 'can do' approach

Recognise and praise people's contribution and give genuine thanks

Show pride in our organsation

Team Work

Working together, ask questions and listen to the responses

Empower the team

Practice clear communication

Give accurate and timely information

Constantly striving for ways to improve ourselves and our service through team efforts




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